Choose your own adventure

As you step past the little sign, the trail turns sharply to the right, behind the clump of young pine trees. You see now that they are perched atop a gigantic rotted log that is at least as wide as you are tall. Four different types of mushrooms become visible as you walk.


You freeze.


Up ahead, a small white rabbit with bright red eyes is nibbling on a fiddlehead fern. It turns and looks at you, holding the snack with its forepaws and masticating quickly. You hear a woodpecker thumping a snag with a persistent rhythm to your right.


The little white rabbit hops along the trail, turns to glance at you, and then disappears into the end of a hollow log. The whole forest floor is littered with logs and fallen trees and on top of these are small pines, larger maples, and massive firs with their roots pouring over the ground like water from a hose.


You look up and see that the canopy is so far above you that you can barely see anything but the long straight trunks of the Douglas firs and the spruce trees. Their branches snare the sunlight and only dusty crumbs leak to the forest floor. Lower on the trunks their branches have snapped off, leaving moss-covered stumps that sprout shelf mushrooms.


Stepping over the hollow log you follow the trail as it twists into a little well-used clearing. There is an oddly life-like statue of a gnome here, about three and half feet tall. Beneath his conical hat he is smiling through his enormous beard and holding a very realistic looking trout that he has caught with a pole. Next to the angler is an old sign that says “The path that you take through the forest, however winding and random, culminates in your destiny.”


At the back of the clearing is a large and recently made wooden sign, carefully inlaid with a dark wood to form the words CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE. Beneath this are five pictures and arrows indicating the trails that lead to them:


Exits (these are images that are links to the pages)

Group of Three Mushrooms

A Flower

A Mosquito

A Covered Well

A Path Leading to Cave