Frondigulous Shrine

Following the trail marked with a flower, you walk for a minute or two. Crossing a little log bridge you come to a half-moon clearing. On the right is a well-kept wooden shrine with a clay pot of living flowers on a little round altar. The flowers are in full bloom and their colors are exuberant. A shaft of sunlight dodges through the tree trunks and illuminates the shrine perfectly. Behind the shrine the rocks rise into a hillock and the trees cover that escape.


Next to the shrine is a little stone basin that is filled with water that seeps from the rocks. It is pure and clear and next to it is a little wooden dipper. A small bell hangs from the eaves of the shrine. You can see that other travelers have left gestures of respect here- pieces of moss, small smooth river stones, and coins of various denominations.


Besides the one you used already, there is a single trail that exits the edge of the half-moon clearing.


Be(a)ware: You are the Hearer.



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Scrondigulous Shrine