Ancient Grove

The trail elopes into a rise that flattens and broadens into a magnificent grove of incredibly ancient trees. Each one looks to be at least seven hundred years old, judging by the enormous trunk widths. The moss on them threatens to suffocate them it is so thick. But those trees, you realize, they are most definitely dancing. It may take them twenty years to twist a wrist, but they are dancing and they love it.


In the midst of the dancing grove is an elliptical pool of black water and bathing in it is the most ravishing person you have ever seen. Her hair is black and wet, lustrous with the water that pours from her heavy tresses. Her shoulders are round and supple, her skin light and smooth as marble. As you approach, she turns to face you and stands, rising slowly out of the water. Each of her breasts emerges from the water like the full moon rising, brightening the entire grove. A cascade of pure light mixed with water travels between them, rinsing her with tendrils like fingers down to her navel. Her round hips emerge next and the water sheds from them like water being poured from a pitcher, plunging into the pool below. The patch of hair that emerges between her legs rises above the water slowly until you see that her thighs, her knees, her lower legs, and finally her feet have emerged from the water completely. There is nothing but her levitating above the black pool, naked and sopping. She looks at you and smiles as if she understands your confusion, understands everything about you.


You realize now that flitting very quickly behind her are four transparent wings and that she is flying. She looks at you from blue-black eyes and her lips pout the color of the pale clouds. She opens her mouth and you see that her tongue is long and red. “You have come too early,” she says. “The banquet is not for another week.”


“What banquet?” you ask stupefied.


“The Dionysian banquet when we will celebrate the Hunting Moon.”


You stare blankly at her.


“You are not here for the banquet?”


You stand still, not wanting to say anything that would cause her to leave you. You feel transfixed by her body silently hovering up and down like a duck on slow moving waves; there is a special light in her eyes that you have never seen before. It is like a very bright spark in the depths of a very deep and monstrous cave. You feel called to them, to enter them and become lost in her forever. To explore her. To know her.


“Hello? Hey- pay attention!” she says impatiently.


You realize she is talking to you but you don’t know what to say. So you say the first thing that comes into your head. “You’re naked.”


She cocks her head at you as if you are stupid.


“I mean beautiful. You’re beautiful.”


She sighs briefly and then flies directly toward you with her left hand outstretched to takes yours. You extend your hand and she touches the center of the palm of your hand. A warm snake of energy crawls up your arm, closely followed by another. It feels like your arm is being embraced by a sliver of a hug that penetrates the skin, riffles your nerve endings, and warms your blood as if it would intoxicate you. You begin to hear your heart beat and the sounds in the forest around you begin to sound further away, as if your head was inside a cardboard box.


You can feel your field of vision fleeing from you. The sounds of the world are replaced by a ringing, by a tingling in your head. You become anxious. Is she killing me?


But you feel the warm snakes of her touch intertwining up your arm and they reach your shoulder and one of them breaks away to encircle your neck and the other dives downward to reach for your heart. The anxiety melts away and you are left with an erotic sensation of pulsating peace, of heightened sensation. You are left with a breast full of love that is larger and more expansive than you ever thought possibly. You love everything here. You can’t help but love everything here.


She draws closer to you and opens her frosted lips. Her red tongue darts out slightly as she speaks. The insects in the air are all watching you, whispering to themselves. The water is pausing in deep reflection upon the words she is about to speak. The trees are tense with anticipation, their great shallow faces agape in joy. You feel the electric snakes of her touch twirling down your spine filling you with hot white desire and perfect complacent peace. You feel energized and aroused yet perfectly calm as if sleeping.


##FIX Eventually, what she says will change depending on her mood, but for now…


“Blessings,” she breathes into your ear. You can almost hear her tongue darting between her teeth as she pronounces the syllables. You can almost see the breath forming an envelope around you, enclosing you, protecting you. You feel the snake of her touch in your pelvis, enrapturing and exploding in waves of unhindered pleasure but as peaceful as napping in a summer field. You want to respond to her, to thank her for her touch, to ask her never to let you go, but by the time you have opened your mouth and formed the words she has already released her serpents.


You feel the warm tingling touch unwrap from your pelvis, recede frothily up your spine, and slither thinly back down your arm to disappear into her hand forever. She turns around and you watch her hips turn as she takes step after step away from you. You stare transfixed as she walks into the black pool in the midst of the grove with dancing seven-hundred year old trees. As she steps, she sinks deeper and deeper into the pool until there is nothing but the ripples formed around the top of her black head that sunk beneath them.


The sounds of the forest come back in a rush as she descends out of sight. The colors bleed back into view. You lose your knowledge of the insects and the trees. The grove is empty except for you and the ripples in the pond. But something has happened here. You have been changed from the inside-out. And one thing is for sure:


You want to go to the Dionysian banquet.



Down a Well-Used Trail


Abandoned Mine

Path to Falling Tree