Stone Circle

The trail runs into a stream and you cross it. It picks up again and turns left to follow the stream. The trees become thinner here and you see wild goats gazing on a hillock not too far off. The stream widens but stays shallow and you cross it again to enter a meadow that is encircled by young hazelnut trees. At the edges of the meadow are growing a wide variety of fruits and berries. Some you recognize and others you don’t, but all the fruits are lush and ripe. It would be a crime not to try a few…


Munching sweet salmon and thimble berries and tart little huckleberries, you notice in the center of the meadow is a construction of stones that are arranged in a circle, standing on their ends. Each stone is enormous- much larger than anything a team of people could move on their own. Moreover, the stone is not a circle exactly. It’s a kind of ellipse. And some stones are clearly significant for being much larger than the others. And there, in the middle on one side, there is a flat stone acting as a kind of platform or maybe altar. The stones look like they have been here for centuries, judging by the way the grasses have ground up around the base.


Who would build such a heavy thing?


In the distance you here a drum being hit rhythmically. If you wander towards it, where will it take you?




Down to a Boggy Looking Place

Over to that Cart Path

To the Logging Road