Wishing Well

You walk down a well marked trail for several minutes before it leads to some stairs made of whole logs that have been hewn and used to buttress the slope from erosion. Climbing these you turn down a long spiral of shallow descent that turns left around the hill.


You emerge in an overgrown clearing that nevertheless has a large window of blue and white sky overhead. In center and a little to one side is a small well built up with smooth hand-sized stones. It has wooden shingle roof and they are covered by a thick growth of moss.


There are coins and trinkets littering the tops of the stone well walls and around the outside. There is a small bucket hanging from the center by a rope that has been wound up by a handle. In the bucket is a small amount of water and a large number of coins. Peering down into the well you find you can easily see the bottom. There are perhaps two or three feet of clear water and at the bottom what looks like a continuous floor of various coins, medallions, pendants, rings, and trinkets.


There is a jaunty little sign next here that reads:


“The Wishing Well wishes you well.”


*Place for donations and publication projects (donate $ to help me produce a bound paper version of such-and-such anthology)

*Place for people to make wishes or to timestamp an anonymous wish



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